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Podcast Episode 7! Trumpocalypse and David McAfee

Episode 7 of the Freeligion Podcast is NOW AVAILABLE! Trumpocalypse is upon us, and this episode we discuss the implications. ALSO! I got to get an early interview with David McAfee about his work with PORP, the Party of Reason and Progress. Listen



High Fives for Kids

A few days ago children all over the country started returning to school. For some cultures and areas of the country the men of the community are either troubled, gang members, drop outs, thugs, etc. Those two things clash in neighborhoods like a mac truck and a wine glass. Children are not encouraged to attend school, are bullied for going or just shamed by those who have already failed life’s tests.

But this year that changed. Two men, DeVaughn Ward and Pastor AJ Johnson stood up and had had enough. These two men created a group called “Calling all Brothers” with a goal of getting all the men of color in the neighborhood to come out and give out High Fives and words of encouragement to the returning school children, wearing suits. The group started with a few men, and within a couple of days had grown to over 100.

Great job guys! This is humanism at work. Getting out there and getting in the positive spaces in the world is what progress is all about. I hope others are encouraged by your outreach.

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