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I Took A DNA Test…

This one gave me a chuckle this morning.


I wonder where they got the paternal sample? The only person to presumably have a direct DNA connection to ‘god’ is Jesus, and well, he’s nowhere to be found with no DNA evidence left behind. Not to mention the angel rape that is performed on Mary… but that’s another issue for a morality post.


Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but this image does raise a point I would like to address.

People like the con-men at Answers in Genesis like to say how DNA evidence is flawed and untrustable as a way of determining historicity of human evolution. They have been presented with the mountains of evidence that show very conclusively why there could have been no actual ‘adam’ or ‘eve’. But on one hand they toss this science out, but then will gladly use the terms inappropriately to back their cause. It’s like the way Deepak cons people using the term ‘quantum’ in a way it isn’t meant to be used. They allow the use of confusing science to back their own cause, but then deny that same science when it stands up against their faith.

This is basically the premise behind Jerry Coyne’s new book ‘Faith vs. Fact’. Get it HERE if you don’t have it already. In short the book explains how if you are willing to take things on faith, then you are intrinsically anti-science. There may be some cognitive dissonance that allows people to have faith as well as agree with science, but at some point those two worlds are going to collide in a way that dissonance wont be able to deal with.

So, in review, if you are going to use scientific evidence then use it correctly and consistently. If you aren’t, fine but don’t pretend.


Live Like You Actually Believe It


The way I read this when you take the horrible grammar, structure and unnecessary platitudes out is ‘God has decided to kill off more people this year than I can count, so instead of being honestly upset about that, I’m going to thank him for sparing me a little longer’.

This one gets me. The people who post this kind of meme also post ones that talk about how the end is coming and Jesus is going to make everyone whole again. They post memes of their hopes of being reunited with lost loved ones. If you are a believer in the Christian god, then wouldn’t you be better off begging for God to take you instead of others so you can enjoy the respite of heaven? Why in the WORLD would you be happy that you have been left out of that joyous promised land even for one more second??

This is what I mean when I tell people I don’t think most, maybe not ANY, Christians live in a way that’s consistent with their professed worldview. If it’s the single most important thing in existence to praise, exalt and follow to the letter the laws of God so that you can make it into this perfect afterlife. I don’t see that in real life. I don’t see people actually pushing the ‘world’ aside and devoting to the worship. Not really. Not if you really think that any moment could be your last and you would genuinely stand trial in front of the supreme judge.

Heaven v. Hell is an ETERNAL reward and punishment system. I dont want to get into the immorality of such a system (how can you possibly have infinite reward or punishment for finite acts?), but rather to discuss how if you had the foreknowledge and the honestly held belief that these are your two options, an ACTUAL eternal hell of glorious reward, wouldnt you think you would be able to dedicate EVERY action to ensuring that outcome? If you truely thought God could know your thoughts, that he could see your actions, wouldn’t you be petrified of the possible outcome if you were to slip for even a second? Somehow thats not what happens. What happens in actuality if that people try to be good, which they tend to do anyway, and when they are unable to be good or at least consistent with Christianities laws they beg for forgiveness or explain away their actions by cherry picking the book they pretend to hold so highly.

Personally I have no need for a pretend metaphysical punishment and reward system. I’m just going to do like the song says, “Be Good, for Goodness Sake”.



The PodCast is Coming

I’ve talked about it for quite a while now, but the hardware is officially on the way!! The Freeligion Podcast will be launching in 2016, hopefully in January. I will be sure to post more details on the start date, time, live v. recorded and if/when I expect guests.

In the meantime, have a look over the Hardware. Aside from the pop filter and the mic stand I picked up two major pieces of hardware.

One is the Behringer Q802USB 8-Channel Mixer.

71dBuCO2TQL._SL1000_This baby runs 2 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps. Built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer; Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at Studio-grade compressors with super-easy “one-knob” functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrumental sound.

And then there is the Mic. The MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount.

81QiFDEoHjL._SL1200_3/4″ gold-sputtered diaphragm Attractive vintage body style with champagne finish 30Hz-20kHz frequency response 130dB maximum SPL Sensitivity: 15MV/pa Equivalent noise: 20dB (A-weighted) Wired with Mogami cable.

Well, that’s it for now. More to come and I likely will be putting some articles together logging my experience getting this baby going. See you in January!!

Moral Majority?

As someone who realizes that America has been a Christian majority for a VERY long time, I saw this today posted by a Christian family member and was instantly set to agree with her.


I couldn’t agree more, which is why you see so many of the ‘good old things’ disappearing and no thanks to any help provided by Christian sects. In fact Christianity seems ‘designed’ to correctly use a term William Lane Craig misuses so often, to keep people down… to keep certain people in check… to allow certain others to thrive…

Like the way slavery went away, I mean, we fought a war over it. How does ‘thou shalt not kill’ get completely cherry picked around?


Like the way we watched women’s suffrage go…


Like the way we watched civil rights overtake race-frightened policies


We saw creationism lose in court over being a ‘legitimate’ science


We have seen marriage equality passed


We are seeing women’s reproductive rights take over…


The majorities accepted these falsehoods, lies, evils but ultimately in the test of daily life, and ever increasing acceptance of secular based morality they have been pushed from being acceptable practices. Religion is losing its revered status and assumed powers. People dont believe that ‘because god…’ is a good enough reason anymore. Today’s young adults need options, freedom, control,  evidence, proof and rational discourse. The future is looking up. Thanks for the post Grandma!

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