Kim Davis Christian or Democrat?

Here is a comment I received when discussing the hypocrisy and general ass-holery of Km Davis: “My point is, is that you refer to Christians when talking about Ms Davis. I don’t agree with what she is doing either. She is Democrat, but I don’t try to imply all democrats are like her either.”

My problem with this comment is that the problem we have (and any freedom of religion people should have) is that this stance she is taking is ALL about her being a Christian, and standing on her Christian ‘morals’. I say morals in quotes because I would question that what shes doing (along with most christian laws) is not moral at all. I do not bring her Democratic position to the table any more than I do the fact that she wears glasses, is a woman or is white. Those things are irrelevant to her actions. So yes Sir, we do indeed refer to her as a Christian in this case. I am also no implying that ALL Christians do this or think this way, but a lot of them do.

As a secondary point, Kim is being unethical in addition to being immoral. She is fleecing the taxpayers while refusing to do her job. She continues to draw a pay check and has already stated that she will be able to create a lucrative KickStarter campaign for her legal defense should she need it. Sickening.

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Michael Cain is an IT Director by day and and by night is a fearless fighter of falsehoods and fiction fenced as fact.

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