I’m back from vacation, and Ken Ham is back to being ridiculous

You may want to read this article first.

It’s no secret that every day more and more people are seeing creationist myths for what they are. The prevalence of science, along with access to the Internet, has been the fatal blow to most monotheistic religions. Every day they are losing hold because science, education, and reason are showing people you don’t need the myths. The truths are FAR more fascinating, and are real to boot!

Yet, even in this age of technological enlightenment, there are those who wish you would keep bronze aged ideas in place of those identified by modern knowledge. Wish you would side with an ideology over the evidence presented. Wish you would put away the tools of skepticism and rationality in lieu of faith in things unseen, and claims unsupported. Ken Ham is one such man, and he has recently gone public bashing Bill Ney’s new book: Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World. Full disclosure, I haven’t read it, but I ordered it today.

Regardless of the books contents, I wanted to pay some rebuttal service to the Christian Post‘s article containing Ham’s refutation of Bill Ney.

“The more you read what Bill Nye is saying, the more you should realize he is on a mission to brainwash generations of kids in the religion of naturalism — which in reality is atheism,” Ham says in his Answers in Genesis blog.

This is hilariously ironic. At least that’s what I thought at first. Then I realized this comment is opening us up to the rational that Ken functions under. He actually believes that since he dresses his fairy tales up as science, that others who are doing real science are doing the same thing. And when you think about it, he would HAVE to think that right? Else cop to being a peddler of pseudo-scientific woo. Just as a quick aside, Ken, you don’t have to be an atheist to believe in naturalism. There are many deists that feel god ‘turned it on and left’ so to speak, creating a universe(s) that are completely naturalistic. Read a book.

“Bill Nye has previously made alarming claims about climate change and the coming disastrous effects of it, and likely this book will perpetuate those alarmist ideas,” he adds.

XKCD.Com put it best.

Randall Munroe at XKCD.Com put it best.

Truly, the greatest power that science brings to the table is its ability to predict events. The image above is a comic that plays on the projections made LONG before any tests were done to find the ‘cosmic microwave background radiation’. To fully understand it, we would all need to sign up for at least a dozen night classes. But the gist is pretty simple. Ralph Alpherin 1948 in connection with his research on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis predicted that If the big bang happened, there would have been light. That light would have traveled. The traveling light would have attenuated over distance, becoming microwaves. These microwaves should be detectable. In 2006 the WMAP probe was launched. Its observations over the next 9 years confirmed Alpherin’s theory to a degree unmatched by almost any other prediction in science. Its this kind of information gathering and testing that Ken Ham would prefer you to toss in the trash in favor of his 2000 year old book that vaguely claims the earth is between 4-6 thousand years old.

I gave an astronomy example, but the evidence provided by climate scientists and experts around the world is no less powerful. Ken’s coy little bet hedging he does with the ‘we have a different view on climate change, but believe earth is charged to Christians as a responsibility from god’ was cute. I feel that it begs the question of who was in charge of it the first 4,542,998,000 years but then I remember he ignores the bulk of modern scientific knowledge, so I’m guessing it would be a short answer.

“The Science Guy,” as Nye is [lovingly] known from his popular children’s science program, sent a copy of his previous book, Undeniable, as a Christmas present to Ham, inviting the Creationist to join “the world of reason.” Ham responded by sending back a copy of Inside the Nye Ham Debate released by AiG, and urged Nye to to join “the world of salvation.”

This should tell you all you need to know about what is important to each of these men. One values evidence, science, personal responsibility and the discovery of truth. The other is Ken Ham.

Nye and Ham from their 2014 'debate'. Where Ham admitted that 'nothing' could change his faith. Thats just good science right there.

Nye and Ham from their 2014 ‘debate’. Where Ham admitted that ‘nothing’ could change his faith. Thats just good science right there.

In case you missed the debate, or would like to see an evolutionary biologist dismantle a pseudo-scientist, click here.

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