Being Gay Causes ‘Logistical Issues’ for CBHS

I woke up this morning to a story of human rights violation, pretty much like every morning. But this morning was different, this morning the story was out of my hometown. Out of the school system of which I went to college. Out of the High School that my little brother went to as a football phenomenon. Out of Christian Brothers High School.

Lance Anderson Second Class Citizen

Lance Anderson Second Class Citizen

Lance Sanderson, a senior at CBHS in Memphis, Tennessee is being denied his request to bring a male student from another school to his Senior Homecoming Dance. Lance, a school photographer and openly gay student since his freshman year, approached his school two months ago to work on arranging his request.

On the 24th, CBHS released their Homecoming policy on their website stating the following:

CBHS students may attend the dance by themselves, with other CBHS students, or with a girl from another school. For logistical reasons, boys from other schools may not attend.

Logistical reasons? Wait, other girls can attend with no logistical problems even though this is an all boys school? A campus designed specifically with all male attendance in mind? I’m calling bullshit CBHS. This is a Catholic anti-homosexual move. How can I say that? Well, CBHS PUT OUT A STATEMENT to explain why Lance was being denied his date saying, in part:

They also had the task of creating a dance policy where ALL CBHS students could be included. It had to follow current school policies, Catholic teachings, and Lasallian principles (of which inclusivity is one). This was not an easy task. The Homecoming Dance was changed to a format similar to our courtyard dances. No longer is it a date dance. The school has never let boys from other schools attend these dances as the mixing of boys from other schools in such an open atmosphere can cause problems.

It’s now no longer a date dance? So how are girls from other schools allowed to attend? See what I mean? This isn’t about where the ‘date’ is from, its about the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. My REAL question to these homophobic clowns is:

Would you allow Lance to ‘officially’ bring another CBHS student as his date?

If the answer to this is yes, then CBHS may be honoring their statement about ” Developing a more pro-active outreach to gay students was one of them.”, I hope that’s the case.

However, this appears to be a bit of a pipe dream. As with many Christian organizations in the past we can already see the attempts to ‘turn’ or ‘cure’ the rabid homosexuals.

…formed a committee which included four staff members (three of whom have a gay sibling or son). Their task was to develop a program of education and outreach which will gradually be implemented in the school, starting with the seniors. The outreach would include more intense training of faculty members to aid in their counseling of gay students.

Not only is this hilarious (we have four people in a committee and three of the know a gay person) but it speaks volumes to their true intentions. The Catholic church openly condemns homosexuality, so the program of education and outreach they speak of inherently must be intended for the gay/trans students. Its good to see that the school will be intensely training their faculty members to aid in their counseling, right?

Sanderson says when he asked if he could take a boy to a dance, this is what administrators at Christian Brothers told him: “I was given several examples of statistics like they said gay couples have higher divorce rates, and that they’re violent; just different things that didn’t make sense, and I’ve come to find aren’t true.”

Sound’s exactly like the kind of double talk that the church is famous for.

Lance has written a petition at Change.Org which at the time of this writing has garnered almost 20,000 supporters. Why don’t you pop on over there and SIGN this?

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