Don’t mind the man in the mask, just go to church

Let’s say you are an everyday American. You are a person who gets up every morning and gets a pot of coffee started for the house. You make sure everyone gets up and is off to work / school. You go to work. You pay your taxes. You keep in line with the law and you LOVE your country. Now let’s say that you, this quintessential American, decided to go to Church on Wednesday. You drive over to your church and there is a small group of men in masks carrying weapons pacing in front of your church. Well, this is happening. Today. In AMERICA, where one of the fundamental concepts is freedom of religion.

Oh wait, it gets better. Guess where this is happening. The SAME place where cops arrested a child for making a clock that was a ‘hoax bomb’ which through their own actions and procedures was shown to be almost completely racially/religiously motivated.  A town where Van Duyne made a name for herself by fighting against a non-existent threat that Muslims were bringing Sharia law. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Irving, TX.

The thing that’s not ‘honest’ about my description, is that they are doing this in front of a Mosque, not a church. If that in any way changes your feelings you had about the situation you were reading above, then maybe you can start to see the problem. If this were to happen somewhere like, Bellevue Baptist, the outcries would be UNREAL. I would wager that the fervent ‘good ole boys’ that call that house their home would return with their own firepower. However the privileged Christians in this nation think they can just walk in, and stomp on peoples Constitutional rights (the thing they pretend to hold oh so dear) and have no repercussions. The other groups should just be thankful they let them live here at all right?

This is a time we need understanding, patience, education and calm. Not knee jerk fear biting dogs that have been let loose to run unchecked in the streets. Don’t become the thing you are trying to protect against. City Councilman David Palmer seems to share my view.

My initial impression was they were using them for intimidation,” Palmer said. “I doubt that they’d be happy if some of the Muslim churchgoers here showed up at their Christian church, their Baptist church, their Methodist church tomorrow morning with rifles slung over their shoulders.”

Fear can be useful, its a feature thats evolved in almost every animal on the planet. However, fear based in ignorance, hate or irrationality is something that can cause well-intentioned people to make horrible mistakes. Take a moment this week and pay attention to your reactions. Think about why you feel the way you feel. Don’t ignore the fear that comes up, because that’s okay. What you DO with the fear and how you react to it is what really matters.

About Freeligion

Michael Cain is an IT Director by day and and by night is a fearless fighter of falsehoods and fiction fenced as fact.

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