You just gotta have, Faith?

It appears that Rod Parsley, no not the guy from Veggie Tales, has cancer. Rob Parsley for those of you who do not know has spent a career scamming people out of money while performing ‘faith healing’, also known as ‘bullshitting sick people because you are and asshole’.

Now, it’s very common for the faithful to get sick. I mean, they are only human after all. But what happens when one of the Lords chosen gets cancer? Surely its just a phone call to the big guy… no? Okay, maybe just a visit to a Benny Hinn show… Nada? What about a hundred likes and shares on Facebook… damn…


Looks like the faithful actually have to ultimately rely on the same healing power of Hospitals that the rest of us do. Rod Parsley is taking radiation treatments at his local hospital. But, dont think for a second that the irony and obvious lack of Godly intervention made an impact on Parsley one little bit.

“Whatever medication I take, I stand against any side effects. I say, “This medication will do exactly what God and my doctors purpose it to do, and will harm me in no way.” The Bible says, Mark 16—and I’ve stood on this, “If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm them,” meaning whatever comes in to my body to help bring healing will not harm me, for I’m a child of God.”

I hope Rod gets better. I do.

But a dark part of me might be just a little glad that after all the people he has steered away from effective medical treatments so that he can buy another car, boat, or house that he gets the chance to realize how worthless he has really been to people all these years. Good luck Rod, and you really better hope you are wrong about hell.

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Michael Cain is an IT Director by day and and by night is a fearless fighter of falsehoods and fiction fenced as fact.

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