Live Like You Actually Believe It


The way I read this when you take the horrible grammar, structure and unnecessary platitudes out is ‘God has decided to kill off more people this year than I can count, so instead of being honestly upset about that, I’m going to thank him for sparing me a little longer’.

This one gets me. The people who post this kind of meme also post ones that talk about how the end is coming and Jesus is going to make everyone whole again. They post memes of their hopes of being reunited with lost loved ones. If you are a believer in the Christian god, then wouldn’t you be better off begging for God to take you instead of others so you can enjoy the respite of heaven? Why in the WORLD would you be happy that you have been left out of that joyous promised land even for one more second??

This is what I mean when I tell people I don’t think most, maybe not ANY, Christians live in a way that’s consistent with their professed worldview. If it’s the single most important thing in existence to praise, exalt and follow to the letter the laws of God so that you can make it into this perfect afterlife. I don’t see that in real life. I don’t see people actually pushing the ‘world’ aside and devoting to the worship. Not really. Not if you really think that any moment could be your last and you would genuinely stand trial in front of the supreme judge.

Heaven v. Hell is an ETERNAL reward and punishment system. I dont want to get into the immorality of such a system (how can you possibly have infinite reward or punishment for finite acts?), but rather to discuss how if you had the foreknowledge and the honestly held belief that these are your two options, an ACTUAL eternal hell of glorious reward, wouldnt you think you would be able to dedicate EVERY action to ensuring that outcome? If you truely thought God could know your thoughts, that he could see your actions, wouldn’t you be petrified of the possible outcome if you were to slip for even a second? Somehow thats not what happens. What happens in actuality if that people try to be good, which they tend to do anyway, and when they are unable to be good or at least consistent with Christianities laws they beg for forgiveness or explain away their actions by cherry picking the book they pretend to hold so highly.

Personally I have no need for a pretend metaphysical punishment and reward system. I’m just going to do like the song says, “Be Good, for Goodness Sake”.



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Michael Cain is an IT Director by day and and by night is a fearless fighter of falsehoods and fiction fenced as fact.

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