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A Very Chick Tract Christmas

This is the FIRST episode of the SECOND year of the Freeligion podcast!


This episode I let you all in on the harm that false beliefs can have on family relationships.

As you listen to this episode, you are going to want to follow along with the Chick Tract reading. You can see the entire booklet below:


E06 – Matthew O’Neil Interview

On this episode of the Freeligion podcast I interview Matthew O’neil, author of the new book After Life.

Only Religious Parents Are Glad When Their Kids Die

Today I woke up  to this story. It’s horrific. An Indiana mom, Amber Pasztor, a woman of faith and complete lunatic decided to murder her two children so they could go to heaven. 

“My kids are in a better place. They don’t have no worries no more.” “they can go to heaven with God and be better off.”

This is what I mean when I talk about the harm that faith based beliefs can cause. If this person held a belief system based in actual knowledge, science and logic she would likely have two living children right now. I say likely because she may just be nuts and would have used whatever rationalization necessary. 

What isn’t up for debate however is how often you hear this kind of nonsense. I mean this lady kidnapped her own children from their father and suffocated them because she thought they would have everlasting life in a place that doesn’t exist. 

Amber Pasztor

From the source site:

An Indiana woman accused of smothering her two children after abducting them says she decided to kill them after hearing that authorities had issued an Amber Alert. Amber Pasztor told a local TV station in a jail interview Monday that she killed the children so they’d be safe in heaven.

The 29-year-old Fort Wayne woman is charged with two counts of murder in the Sept. 26 deaths. Pasztor also told WANE-TV she shot her neighbor and took his car. She hasn’t been charged with Frank Macomber’s death.

But hey at least she had time to get cleaned up for a selfie…


Episode 5 of the Podcast: Doctor Jesus

This episode we dive into a phone call with a religious friend, discuss how people can give credit to fictional creatures instead of their doctors and the problem of grief in belief.

Phil Robertson Threatens to Run for President; Makes Trump Sound Almost Reasonable

This week Phil Robertson went on air and discussed why we vote, why secularism is “tha devil” (best read in Momma Boucher’s voice) and whether or not we would be ready for him to run for POTUS. Yeah, the guy who has made a career using a device that tricks ducks into thinking he wants to mate with them so he can murder them, while comparing homosexuality to beastiality might want to be president.


The video starts out with a caller wanting to know if the rise of secularism is the “Greatest threat against Christianity…” in Phil’s lifetime. As you can guess, he feels it is, but you will need to hear it from his own yap to fully appreciate it.

Let me help you out Phil. The rise of secularism isn’t the threat against Christianity. Thats right, there IS a threat against your preciously held fairy tales and its called information technology. In the last 30 years there has been an accessibility of information like never before in the history of mankind. Ever. There is more data stored on the internet than in all of the worlds libraries, both current and historical. Combined.

So, when people want to make claims like virgin births, resurrections, miraculous healings or prophecy we can look up whether its true, probable or even possible. What we have now, is a growing population of people with the answers at their fingertips, and almost nowhere for your God of the Gaps to live anymore. Sure, there are holdouts. There are people still being indoctrinated into nonsense even today. But its getting harder to keep them indoctrinated. When we are turning infants loose with internet connected devices, its only a matter of time until they learn how to look up the truth themselves.

Research from Duke University and University College London (UCL) reveals that the number of people in the US who claim religious affiliations or attend Church has dropped.

And, the belief in God is dropping as well.


Among the data, the researchers found that while 94 percent of Americans born before 1935 claim a religious affiliation, the same is only true for 71 percent of the generation born after 1975.

The study also revealed that just 45 percent of young adults ages 18-30 say they have ‘no doubt God exists,’ while 68 percent of Americans 65 and older said the same.

They also found that 41 percent of people 70 and older attend church services at least once a month, while just 18 percent of people 60 and younger say this.

Duke article can be found here in full.

Religion, all religion, is slowly dying. Information is the guy with his foot on its throat.


Podcast Episode 4! Now Available!


That’s right, its been a little longer than promised, but promise I did. This week on the Freeligion podcast, join host Michael Cain as he talks about the upcoming CSI Convention in Las Vegas, Absolute Truth, Abortion in the Modern Era, Women’s Rights According to Pastor Steven Anderson, and the Rosy Retrospection Fallacy that’s Making ‘Murica Great (again).

PokemonGo! Likely To Be The Closest Thing To Science That Can Be Found At The Ark Encounter

Admittedly the PokemonGo! game is taking over the world. You’ve surely seen the memes and videos online as well as large herds of people trundling around like the protagonists of the Lemmings series.


I say that because its funny. Calm down and stop sending me

And @SquirtleGurrl79 I know your name is Scott and you are tucking it in those pictures, so just cut it out. (But that cosplay is on POINT)

Where was I? Oh, yes. As with almost everything that people can use to get a seconds joy out of this meek existence of ours (sex, drugs, music, art, fiction, et al) there have already been Christian pastors howling about the dangers of the game.


The host of the “Im Obviously Off My Rocker”, sorry, I think thats spelled “Trunews” radio show Rick Wiles describes them as “…these pokemon creatures are like virtual, cyber-demons” and goes as far as to worry that “What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists and now they have an app that shows them where all the Christians are located geographically?” We will get back to Ken Hamm in a second, but please soak in this example of fear mongering. Im not sure if anyone has ever shown Rick the Internet but um, Rick? The jihadists already have google maps.

You can hear his 6 minutes of lunacy here: 

For some of you younger readers, you won’t remember the time of the Satanic Panic. For those of you that do, you are likely having some PTSD reactions to lat bit of audio above. But lest you think Im Over-Hyping the kind of mainstream nonsense that went on, here is the original 1987 “Escaping Satans Web”

followed by a recent ‘flashback’ post from the New York Times.

Also, as with almost everything religious, none of the groups, even the ones of the same sect, disagree with each others interpretation of PokemonGo. Thats the problem with interpretive, faith based ideologies. Everyones idea is on equal footing, and that is to say none. But in case you were wondering, Is Pokemon Safe for Christian Kids, it is.  But dont take my word for it, read all about what Christian Erika Dawson has to say about it.
Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis CEO and delusional founder of the Ark Encounter has a different view on the PokeDevils. Ken hopes to get all the kids to flock to the Ark to catch em all.


ACTUAL exhibit at the Creation Museum. No, we aren’t kidding.


He even put together this great promotional video to drive all the hip, social media savvy and presumably demonically possessed kids to his ‘museum’.


At this point it almost feels like someone should just put a ‘Free Candy’ sign on the side of the boat and call it what it is. 2VC0d.jpg